The PEC (Public Employee Committee) was empowered by Massachusetts law some years ago to negotiate Health Insurance contracts representing active and retired public employees in each community.

Representation in each PEC is proportional to the percentage of active employees in each union in the total work force of Weymouth with retirees now receiving a 10% representation.  Designation of the retiree representative in each community is made by the Mass. Association of Retired State, Municipal, and County Employees.

The PEC representative for all Weymouth retirees is retired firefighter, Jim  Moore.

The Weymouth PEC, after lengthy negotiation, did in late 2008 negotiate a 6 year contract with the Town of Weymouth to take effect July 1, 2009.  The Mass. GIC Municipality Plan was chosen as the insurer and the premium employee/retired percentages were negotiated by the PEC.  Although retired teachers formerly were covered by the GIC RMT Plan, the contract between the PEC and the Town of Weymouth marked the 1st time an actual contract bound the town to provide health insurance for all retirees

The Mass. legislature did enact new legislation this past year regarding municipal health insurance (Chapter 69 Acts of 2011).  However, this law dealt primarily with communities not already in GIC.

The Weymouth PEC will be negotiating with the Town of Weymouth regarding the future of health insurance for active employees and retirees in 2014, as we reach the end of our current 6 year contract June 30, 2015.

Watch our web page,e-mails and the news media for further developments in Massachusetts Municipal Health Insurance.  Last year’s legislation set up several committees to study and recommend further health insurance legislation.